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Kei Tara
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Masa Kubokawa
Email: kubokawa@ledgertelegraph.com
I am a hardworking, passionate individual with a love for writing and the social sciences, primarily psychology and psychiatry.   I currently hold several post-graduate qualifications, including a MSc in psychiatry and BA (Hons) in psychology.  I have a number of years experience in academic writing and psychology tutoring, and have worked as a psychology consultant for Chris Tuck on her book ‘Through The Eyes Of A Child’. I also have experience in content writing on various topics.

Kazuko Nakasugi
Email: nakasugi@ledgertelegraph.com
I am a full time professional content writer and eBook writer with 3 years of expert writing & research experience. It starts with in-depth research on the topic; then comes the application of my writing skills to produce quality content for my clients.  I have experience in writing creative articles, eBooks, blog content, research articles, and website content covering versatile fields like fitness, relationship, IT, SEO, healthcare, food, and so on.  Research is my strong pursuit, and I have a knack for scanning and picking on quality & reliable resources to write quality material. That is the reason for my high success ratio and satisfied client relationships. My work is always delivered on time, and you can be assured of desired quality and 100% plagiarism free work from me.

Nori Teranishi
Email: teranishi@ledgertelegraph.com

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Miyuki Matsunobu
Email: matsunobu@ledgertelegraph.com

 I am highly motivated, result oriented, performance driven and ambitious individual with a strong background in Physics, Engineering, administrative work and data analysis. I am also proficient in using Microsoft Office tools and what sets me apart is my speed of delivery.