Momentum And Technicals Smells Good: CrowdStrike Holdings Inc. (CRWD) and Jason Industries Inc. (JASN)

On Dec 23, Kurtz George, PRESIDENT AND CEO sold 508,807 shares of CrowdStrike Holdings Inc. (NASDAQ: CRWD), with the average selling price of the stock being $48.20 per share. The total amount realized from this sold $24,523,154. A document was filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission to notify the public about the sold of the shares.

In addition to that, CHIEF OPERATING OFFICER – Black Colin sold an extra 5,629 shares of this stock in a transaction that took place a day before, on Dec 23, with a share sold at an average of $49.18 and a total of $276,834 was realized from this transaction. After the transaction, the CHIEF OPERATING OFFICER – Black Colin was left with 735 shares of the company’s stock, which is currently worth around $36147.3.

The recent price movement of CRWD means that it is now down by -51.98% from its 52-week high and 9.73% up against its 52-week low prices. Over the past one week, the price volatility of CRWD stands at 3.68% while the volatility over the past one month is 5.24%.

The shares of CrowdStrike Holdings Inc. (CRWD) dropped by -2.22%, leading to a loss of -$1.11 per share, and saw CRWD end the trading session at $48.92 on Friday 12/27/19. CRWD started the trading session at $50.30, before reaching a daily high of $50.38. It wasn’t able to sustain that growth though and soon jumped to hit a daily low of $48.20.

The trading volume on Friday stood at 3496813, which was below the stock’s 3-month average volume of 3.13 million shares, out of a total 40.87M shares. As the price of the stock dipped, the market valuation of the company dropped to 10.05 billion.

The shares of Jason Industries Inc. (NASDAQ: JASN) went down by -12.34% by the end of the recent trading session. This movement saw its price plunge to close at $0.28, which was lower than the previous closing price of $0.31. Over the past one week, the price of JASN has slipped by -1.33%, while it has recorded a gain of 48.65% over the past one month. Its three-month performance saw JASN lose -30.40% while its six-month performance saw it drop by -57.69%. The situation is different though over the past one year, as the stock price went down by -80.22%, while its year-to-date (YTD) price performance slipped by -79.93%. The stock price has gone up by +78.11% compared to its 90-day low, while it is down -38.89% compared to its 90-day high price.

Let’s take a look at its short, medium and long-term indicators. Composite Indicators shows that Trendspotter rated the stock as a Buy. In the short-term, the stock has a 20-day average volume of 1,203,140 shares, with the short-term indicators averagely rating the stock as a Hold. A look at its medium-term indicators reveals that it has a 50-Day average volume of 633,268 shares and the indicators have an average rating of 50% Sell. The last indicators, the long-term see JASN stock with a 100-Day average volume of 511,335 shares, giving it an average rating of 100% Sell. A look at the general picture of all short, medium and long-term indicators leaves JASN with an average rating of 40% Sell.

Several brokerage firms sent out their reports JASN stock not long ago. In its report sent out on November 07, 2016, Stifel lowered its ratings on JASN to a Buy. In an earlier report on August 05, 2016, Stifel Reiterated the stock to a Buy. Stifel meanwhile in its report on March 02, 2016 Reiterated its rating of the stock to “Buy”.

In related news to the company’s stock, around 35.40% shares are being held by institutional investors. In a recent SEC filing, the company revealed that 28 institutions currently hold the JASN stock. In the last quarter, a 7,956,185 JASN shares were in the possession of institutions. On the other hand, the company recorded 2 new institutions who bought it their stock, while 6 institutions sold their entire JASN reserve. Of the current institutions investing in the stock, 7 increased their investment while 12 decreased their investment in the stock.